Fibre and Wireless Companies push for incentives in permit reforms.


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Aug 25, 2023
There were meetings where the representatives for Internet service providers asked that state broadband offices should seek ways to provide incentives that will encourage localities to improve their push to get permits. This was the point of discussion in their meeting last Wednesday as talks on how good permit reforms in Indiana was a success as it addressed a lot of issues ranging from localities now finding it easier to get permits by going on the permits website instead of approaching their office in person.

A public policy and government affairs manager for Google Fiber, Arians Schaffer, stressed this need for an online portal to be created that will be used in the tracking of permits as it passes through different inspection processes. You can read more about it by checking
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Fiber and wireless companies are actively advocating for permit reforms and believe that incorporating incentives would greatly improve the process. Their firm conviction is that offering such incentives would streamline the permit process, resulting in faster deployment of fiber and wireless infrastructure. These proposed incentives may include measures like expediting processing or reducing fees, all designed to encourage local authorities to prioritize and expedite permit approvals. By adopting these reforms, these companies can effectively expand their networks, enhance connectivity, and meet the increasing demand for high-speed internet services.

Furthermore, these companies argue that simplified permit processes would not only be advantageous to them but also to the communities they serve. They stress that access to reliable and fast internet is essential for economic growth, education, healthcare, and overall quality of life. Thus, by eliminating unnecessary obstacles and providing incentives, both the companies and the communities stand to benefit significantly.

To achieve their goals, these fiber and wireless companies are actively engaging in ongoing discussions and collaborating with pertinent stakeholders. Their ultimate objective is to drive permit reforms that align with their mission of enabling efficient and widespread access to fiber and wireless technologies for everyone.
Creating incentives to streamline permit processes for broadband expansion is a great idea. The success of permit reforms in Indiana demonstrates the potential benefits. An online portal for tracking permits can significantly improve efficiency and transparency. This effort is essential for enhancing connectivity and ensuring a digitally inclusive future.
I believe that it's about time they took the whole permitting process online through a portal because it's even going to make life easier for them the same way it's going to be for the Indiana residents. Nobody likes to deal with poor and slow internet connection and I'm very sure that it's one of things this meeting is trying to put an end to.
I find it ironic that we are still using offline methods of permitting online companies. I understand this is a legal issue, and it goes to show that laws have a hard time keeping up with “e-changes”.

This is a good thing.
Isn't it contradictory that a company that is offering fiber and wireless services will have to use a manual process for getting permits? The businesses that are involved in information technology should be offered a service through digital platforms. When companies can use digital platforms to apply for permits, the process will be streamlined and become easier to access. This regulation should be implemented as soon as possible.