Cannabis Activists Rally Against Big Marijuana Companies in NY


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Aug 26, 2023
If you are someone in favor of medical marijuana or use marijuana for medical purposes, and happen to live in New York, here is the news that might interest you.

Cannabis activities in New York are urging state regulators to delay the entry of big marijuana companies. Their primary concern is the sustainability of the small businesses in New York. They believe the entry of big companies in New York will kill all small businesses in the cannabis industry. The logic behind this is to uphold the principles of fairness and social justice within the evolving cannabis market.

The issue is believed to take center stage during the upcoming Cannabis Board meeting this week.

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The small Cannabis business owners in New York City have a very good reason to be worried and the sooner they acted on this development, the better it's going to be for them. The government of New York need to find a way to regulate the business prices if they care for the small Cannabis business in the City. This is the only way the small businesses can be able to to coexist with big company.
Interesting news! The folks fighting for cannabis in New York came together to protest against the dominance of big marijuana corporations. Their aim was to voice their worries and push for a cannabis industry that is inclusive, community-oriented, and better for everyone.
In my view, prioritizing the sustainability of small businesses in New York's cannabis industry is essential. Allowing unchecked entry for big marijuana companies could lead to domination, stifling fair competition. To promote fairness and social justice, it's crucial to delay the entry of large companies, supporting the growth of smaller businesses in the industry.
If the State of New York isn't going to find a way to support the small Cannabis business in the state so they can grow with their farming, production and processing of Cannabis and other marijuana related products, they shouldn't do what is going to make doing business and making profits a difficult task for them. The entry of big marijuana companies in the state where the small Cannabis business are struggling to thrive will shutdown their business completely.

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