Citrus County's New Online Permitting Process Sparks Outcry Among Builders


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Aug 26, 2023
Citrus County introduced a revamped online permitting system in April 2023. The authorities said it was to modernize the cumbersome permitting process, nevertheless, it has stirred up significant discontent among property owners and property developers. The discontent on the new permitting rules has so intensified that County Commissioner Rebecca Bays has called for urgent action. Property developers say there are obstacles in document access and approval timelines have also been extended.

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Citrus County, Florida, United States
Upgrading permitting process to be carried out online is supposed to make things easier and not more difficult. How in the world would one have to reach a certain milestone before being able to download a document? Isn't it better to just struggle to the office and pick up all the documents?

When the permitting process for single family homes to take 2 months or more is nothing good to write home about. This is a complete disaster. There's no home builder in Citrus County that's going to approve of this new system in place.