Hawaii County Leads in Streamlined Process for Home Building Permits


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Aug 26, 2023
Hawaii County tops the list for giving home-building permits in the entire state. Thanks to its efficient and faster permitting process. Between January and April 2023, the county approved 930 permits, beating other places like Honolulu, Maui, and Kauai.

The Electronic Processing and Permitting System has played a big role in streamlining the permit process. Since EPIC was introduced in 2021, the number of permits has gone up. In 2021, 838 permits were given and in 2022 857 were given. This increase in permits is important for dealing with the shortage of homes and the growing number of people in the state.

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Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States
Hawaii County's success in expediting home-building permits through the Electronic Processing and Permitting System is a commendable step towards addressing the housing shortage. This streamlined approach should serve as a model for other regions grappling with similar challenges, enabling quicker and more efficient construction processes.
That's the beauty in having a system done up that streamlines the whole process. Every location needs to get with the time and adopt a system like what Hawaii County has here. People want to get on with building their new homes so they can live in them. And it's made easier when you implement systems that work for the people instead.
Hawaii is always leading the country into changing how we do things. Hawaii is not the last place to streamline the process, I expect to see a lot more locations following their lead here. I imagine too, that a lot of people are wanting to live in Hawaii. What's the cost of living like over there?