Judge Halts Home Renovations Amid Housing Plan Controversy in Beverly Hills


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Aug 26, 2023
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A judge in Los Angeles has put a stop to issuing building permits for home improvements in Beverly Hills, except for new residential development. This decision comes as Beverly Hills faces criticism for not having an approved affordable housing plan in place. The city has been behind by two years in creating a housing plan that aligns with state laws, with five rejected blueprints since the summer of 2021. The state requires Beverly Hills to accommodate 3,104 new homes, with three-quarters being affordable to low- and middle-income residents. This ruling is viewed as a significant move against wealthy communities resisting California's efforts for more inclusive housing development. Despite the decision, Beverly Hills officials are appealing against the court decision.
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California, United States
Los Angeles having affordable housing? I doubt they will ever get with the times over there. LA is notorious for their high cost of living, from the cost of housing, to apartments, etc. It is not by any means cheap over there. I'm happy to see people are trying to change that, but it doesn't look like they want any of it.

Affordable housing should be everywhere, so that if you do live in a place that does cost a lot of money, you at least have options.

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