New TN law aims to speed up home construction by shortening permit process


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Oct 30, 2023
Found an interesting article that discusses a new TN law that was brought forth to speed up the permitting process when it comes home construction projects. The new law will allow the use of third-party examiners, which are inspectors, engineers, and professionals that will help with the permitting and inspection processes. The intent is to expedite the overall process for obtaining construction permits.

The good news, is that builders are now able to choose third-party inspectors, to help reduce delays that is usually caused by local or state examiners. They would like to speed up the approval process to address the high demand for new homes and businesses.

As well, streamlining the whole process, should in turn help with the rising costs of housing caused by inflation and extended permit times. It is important that they maintain housing affordability, especially with the rise in population in the area.

If you'd like to read up about this story, you can find the article here - WATE
Tennessee, United States
This is actually a good start, especially with the addition of having third-party examiners. It should, I hope, move the permitting process faster, as they now have more eyes on the project. I can only hope more cities and states adopt a similar idea, to help move the permitting process along. Plus with the population rising in the area, they want to do this right.
This is certainly a good move. if the agency responsible for giving permits cannot handle workload and continues to delay he approval process, it is better to allow the private players work. However, allowing builders to choose their own inspectors might create problems as builders might influence inspectors for permit approval even when they have not followed all the requirements.