Florida's New Golf Cart Law Mandates Learner's License for Minors


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Sep 5, 2023
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Effective October 1st, a new law (House Bill 949) has been implemented in Florida, which introduces stricter regulations regarding the operation of golf carts by minors. According to this law, individuals under the age of 18 are now required to possess at least a learner's permit to drive a golf cart. Specifically, those aged 15 may operate a golf cart with a learner's permit, while individuals aged 16 and older with a driver's license are also permitted to do so.

It's noteworthy that this law represents a significant change from the previous regulations, which allowed anyone 14 years and older to operate a golf cart in Florida. Noncompliance with this updated state law carries consequences in the form of a noncriminal traffic infraction, potentially resulting in fines of up to $108.

Furthermore, there is an added emphasis on parental responsibility to ensure that their underage children adhere to these new regulations. For more comprehensive information, you can refer to the full article available here.
Florida, United States
I think this is a good move because when you let kids drive, even a golf cart, accidents might occur. Making it mandatory to get a learner's license will at least ensure that the underage individual has some level of skills to drive the gold cart. However, the most important aspect of this new regulation is ensuring that people are following the law. How are they going to implement this rule? Will they have someone to look over this issue on every golf course?

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