New legislation signed by Hochul Improving Alcoholic Beverage Laws For Small Business Owners and Consumers


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Jul 9, 2023
If you are keeping an eye on the alcoholic beverage sector in New York, you will be pleased to know that there is a fresh update that you may want to hear about. A new set of legislation which is aimed at refining the state's alcoholic beverage law has been signed by Governor Kathy Hochul.

The move is designed to broaden the choices for consumers and bolster small businesses within the sector. What does this new set of legislation include?

Extending liquor and wine store hours on Sundays
The duration of the brewer's license with be made longer to three years from one year.
The retail sale of beer on Sundays will be permitted.

Also included, businesses will not be able to use pressurized mixing and dispensing systems and there is also a green light which will allow the sale or promotional gifting of certain complementary products for spirits and wines.

This is all being done to hopefully streamline and modernize New York's alcohol-related regulations. You can read more regarding this new set of legislation here
Albany, New York, United States
In my view, the recent legislative changes in New York's alcoholic beverage sector represent a promising step towards enhancing consumer choice and supporting the growth of small businesses within the industry. The decision to extend liquor and wine store hours on Sundays, along with the elongation of the brewer's license duration from one year to three years, is likely to have a positive impact on both consumers and businesses. The move to permit the retail sale of beer on Sundays is a particularly noteworthy development, as it not only caters to consumer preferences but also aligns with the evolving dynamics of modern commerce.
Governor Kathy Hochul's signing of new alcoholic beverage legislation in New York is a promising development. Extending liquor and wine store hours on Sundays and lengthening the brewer's license will provide more options for consumers and support small businesses. These changes reflect a positive approach to modernizing the industry and boosting economic growth.
Really interesting to see the longevity of some of these temperance-era laws. I had no idea that New York had these antiquated restrictions on alcohol sales, especially with regard to retail beer sales on Sundays. The change in hours doesn't seem that dramatic, though. Previously liquor stores were only able to operate noon-9pm on Sundays and now those hours are expanded to 10am-10pm. Kind of surprising they felt the need to leave a restriction on hours in place at all.