Permits required for alcohol consumption in Oneonta city park


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Oct 30, 2023
If you intend to drink any alcoholic beverage at Oneonta City park, you may need to obtain a permit along with renting a park pavilion, which requires a separate application process. The Common Council Quality of Life and Infrastructure Committee would like to start issuing permits for alcohol consumption from the Saturday before Memorial Day to Aug. 31. The parks season lasts from May 1 to Oct. 31. This means that it will cut the time that events can give out alcoholic beverages by half.

Other concerns were raised, especially the impact this proposal would have on events such as weddings, family gatherings in the parks, and more. They would like to have exceptions for events with licensed caterers.

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Oneonta, New York, United States
Makes sense, it's a public place, there will be a lot of people around during this time of the year. Most parks will probably have similar requirements. The good thing here, is that it sounds like this is more geared towards the vendors who sell alcohol. But is sounds like you are required to rent a pavilion otherwise.

Or does every person need a permit in order to drink?
This new proposal to require permits for alcohol consumption at Oneonta City park seems unnecessary and burdensome. It will greatly limit the time that events can serve alcoholic beverages, potentially impacting weddings and family gatherings. Exceptions should be made for events with licensed caterers to ensure a fair and reasonable approach.
This is a difficult one and I don't feel it covers everything such as whether everyone needs a permit even if it's a gathering if they are consuming alcohol or if it's just the person who set up the event that needs it.

I feel this can be good for those who just randomly drink outside in public places as that can turn nasty real quick if it gets out of hand.
People have their own priorities, so it is difficult to say whether this is a positive development or a negative development. As far as I am concerned, I prioritize a controlled and regulated park environment. Just because you cannot drink in a public park does not mean your freedom has been restricted, there is no such thing as absolute freedom. Freedom is always conditional. I believe the proposed change is a balancing act between public safety concerns and the desire to preserve the joyous atmosphere in the parks.
To be honest with you, this proposal on alcohol consumption at Oneonta City Park will certainly raise concerns. We should consider its impact on events like weddings and family gatherings because it will definitely affect them. I would advise the Common Council Quality of Life and Infrastructure Committee to look into the impact of this decision one more time .