OKC parks might soon charge photographers for shoots in city parks?


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Oct 30, 2023
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Oklahoma City may be doing something professional photographers might not like, and that's requiring a permit in order for them to shoot in city parks. But the kicker, they would be forced to apply for a reservation on top of a $100 per session fee. Annually it would be $1,000. But each shoot would require a reservation to take photos there. Local photographers are worried about these new proposed permit fees, as they feel it may have an impact on their businesses. This could in turn force photographers to charge more for their work/services.

The new ordinance has yet to be approved, as it still needs to go through the Oklahoma City Council first. There is supposed to be a vote done, but it has yet to be scheduled. This is resulting in many in the business to worry about their future operations.

What do you think about all of this? Do you think photographers should be forced to pay $100 or more to do photo shoots at these parks? Or should they always have to reserve certain areas of the parks they want to shoot at? Do you think the permit fees should be lowered? Maybe fines levied on photographers if they cause any damage or disturbance to or at the park.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
It seems a bit excessive. What are the costs to host events at parks? Like maybe a family cookout for a graduation, maybe a work party or even a birthday party. I imagine if you want to take a photoshoot, reserving a certain portion of the park would be the same as reserving it for an event. Right? I assume it costs something to do that. If it's less than $100 than it should be charged that for the photographers as well. At least that's how I feel. I think $100 is a lot for each reservation, but if it's like any other event, I'm sure there is a cost associated with that too.
Based on my experience, I know that the local photographers are concerned about the proposed permit fees in Oklahoma City parks. It's crucial to know that Such measures could have a negative impact their businesses and it could potentially lead to increased costs for clients as well. I would want the city council to consider the implications and they should carefully examine it before they finalize on any decisions.
As long as you are making money from it, I do not think you should have any problems in getting permits and paying necessary permits. If you are a professional photographer, what's the issue with getting a permit. If they charge fees with normal people, that would be a problem, with professional, that's perfectly fine.
I think the photographers should pay the fee, just like every other business owner must pay in order to use the public space for their commercial purposes. It's about fairness. I feel differently about the reservation issue, though. I think it would make more sense to go by the amount of time that the photographer will be using the space. Something like - photoshoots of an hour or less won't require a reservation, but those that are longer will.