Small business owners to be helped with navigating the permitting process by city staffers.


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Jul 9, 2023
Entrepreneurs and small business owners in Daytona Beach will need to take note of this. The city will be ramping up its support to make your journey smoother.

The City of Daytona is recognizing the pivotal role that small businesses play in the local economy. Due to this, the city is designating two staff members, Economic and Strategic Opportunities Director Jeff Brown and Project Manager Kimberly Flaherty, to assist expected business owners.

During these liaisons, it will guide you through the city's licensing requirements, zoning and permitting processes and also address any regulatory concerns.

Deric C. Feacher, City Manager has emphasized that starting a small business should be straightforward and that the dedicated staff are there to address any challenges or queries swiftly.

To take a closer look at this initiative or find out how to get in touch, you can see the full story on Daytona Times
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States
I'm interested to see how this plays out. Daytona is a hot tourist area, so I imagine they're hoping that simplifying the process will help bring in additional tax revenue. The easier that they make licensing and permitting, the better it will be for the whole community, as it's likely to attract more small-business owners.
This sounds like a good deal for small business owners who are on a limited budget and wouldn't otherwise know where to start as far as permitting goes. The City staff are effectively serving as pro-bono consultants, saving small business owners time, money, and regulatory uncertainty. Agreed with @Farmaholic's point above too: by helping more small businesses launch successfully, this should result in real economic benefits for the city as a whole.
The provision of guidance on licensing requirements, zoning, and permitting processes during the liaison sessions is commendable, as it indicates a concerted effort to simplify what can often be a complex and daunting process for entrepreneurs. By proactively addressing regulatory concerns and potential challenges, the city is showing a commitment to ensuring that entrepreneurs can navigate the administrative landscape with greater ease and efficiency.
Daytona Beach's commitment to supporting small businesses is commendable. Designating staff members to assist entrepreneurs with licensing, zoning, and permits is a proactive move that will streamline the process. Simplifying business startup procedures demonstrates the city's dedication to fostering local economic growth and helping small business owners succeed.
It's great to hear that the City of Daytona understands the importance of small businesses for the health of the overall economy. Mostly, small business entrepreneurs are neglected and don't get enough attention and guidelines to flourish their businesses. Easing the process of obtaining permits for them is definitely commendable.

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