City of Dallas struggling with building permits for own permitting office


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Oct 30, 2023
Contractors are not happy in Dallas, and it may stem from the fact that applying for permits as of late is taking far too long. It doesn't help that Dallas permitting staff recently had to move to a different office after it was discovered that their new building doesn't meet fire code and lacks a permanent certificate of occupancy.

One of the developers fed up with the wait time is Mohammed Abdulla, who wants to make way for a new restaurant on one of his properties. But there is a hold-up due to a parking agreement. He's already approved for a demolition permit as well, but is unable to do any work on the new building.

It sounds like the City is a mess right now. Abdulla also mentioned that the City is losing a lot of business to Frisco because people are starting to move over there instead, taking business away from Dallas. Building projects are not happening in Dallas, and it's pushing people to leave as a result.

The City is on the search for a new city manager, so whoever they bring in, hopefully can start to fix some things.

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Dallas, Texas, United States
Sounds like a giant mess that seems never-ending at this point. You'd think the City of Dallas would be more open to helping push more housing on the market. Sounds like they're just making it tougher to live in the area.

I hope they can figure out some kind of solution there. It's sad to see how the City of Dallas is starting to fall and places like Frisco are starting to become a more popular destination now.

If the fact of their own building not meeting up to code is a sign things need to change, than I don't know what is.
I feel for the people and businesses who are being held up, but it's pretty hilarious that the city is struggling to get their own permits squared away. It makes you wonder if the officials thought they'd be given a pass, instead of being required to follow the codes.
If the office that is supposed to give permits is not following permits, how can they expect the common people to follow all permitting laws. Laws do not exist just for the sake of law, there are laws because everyone is expected to follow them including those who are in the power. If think there should be laws to penalize these officials who are delaying permits because they are unable to draft proper rules.
This is a frustrating situation for everyone involved! Developers and contractors must be frustrated by the permit delays. It is hoped that the new city manager will prioritize streamlining the permitting process and restoring order.

There is something concerning about Dallas losing business to Frisco. A smooth and efficient permitting process is a key factor in attracting development.

Here's hoping the city can find a permanent solution for the displaced permitting staff soon, too!
Well, Dallas did have that recent surge in building fees. Maybe the City just couldn't afford to permit itself (lol)?

As an update to that previous thread, it looks like Dallas Development Services began imposing its doubling/tripling of permit fees as of May 1.