Wyoming Leads in Carbon Management with First Carbon Storage Permits


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Aug 26, 2023
Wyoming has issued its first permits for permanent underground storage of carbon dioxide. These permits were granted to Frontier Carbon Solutions as part of the Sweetwater Carbon Storage Hub project. By giving permits for underground storage of CO2, Wyoming has taken a significant step in carbon management and become a pioneer in this field. Wyoming has now become one of the two states in the United States that allows its Department of Environmental Quality to directly handle CO2 storage permits.

Frontier Carbon Solutions took only 10 months to get the permits which is short compared to the federal EPA process. However, there are also 169 pending permits for Class VI wells. This calls for a better permitting process.

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Wyoming, United States
I'm interested to see how this storage concept works decades from now. If it truly helps the environment, then maybe the EPA will work with other state agencies to streamline the permitting process.
The issuance of permits for permanent underground storage of carbon dioxide in Wyoming is a groundbreaking move towards effective carbon management. By granting these permits to Frontier Carbon Solutions, Wyoming has positioned itself as a leader in the field. Although the process was relatively swift, the large number of pending permits highlights the need for a more streamlined permitting process.