Lawmaker Proposes 'All-You-Can-Kill' Elk Permits for Wyoming Ranchers


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Oct 30, 2023
Just read an interesting article here about how Lawmakers in Wyoming have proposed an "All-You-Can-Kill" Elk Permits for ranchers, as the Elk population has risen quite a bit in recent years. Legislators and wildlife managers came together at the University of Wyoming to discuss options. Rep. Bill Allemand was the one who came up with the idea for the new permit system, but it wasn't without some backlash, as some hunters aren't in agreement on the idea.

Under Allemand's plan, these permits would only cost $20. A landowner for example, can use said permit to hunt as many Elk as they want to, or they can give the permit to someone else to hunt on their land if they so desire.

These new permits would be valid from Aug. 1 until April 1 of the next year.

The big reason for this is due to the Elk population in Albany and Laramie Counties, where it's been known to be a big problem for ranchers. Elk migrate onto these ranches to graze during the fall and winter seasons.

I have a feeling this won't happen, simply because of the whole nature of it. People will not be into a permit that allows you to kill as many Elk as possible. I'm sure they will come up with an alternative plan going forward. What do you guys think?
Wyoming, United States
Not sure I'm for an "All-You-Can-Kill" permits of any kind. I know some states have an overpopulation of certain species of animals and they do allow hunting more of said animals. I know in Michigan for example, they allow hunting of coyote's and wolves if there is too many of them.

I understand population control, but I don't know if this is the right way to go about it.
This is a 9 month permit use and then that's the end of the all you can kill. I think at times that animals become so huge in numbers that they are destroying some habitats/environments, and culling can help salvage the areas.

I did a search on this and one article stated that the elk population that has grown too much is in an area that's primarily private property. Not everyone landowner will take advantage of this, but the ones that do will help control the herd numbers.
The "All-You-Can-Kill" Elk Permit proposal in Wyoming raises serious ethical concerns. While ranchers may benefit, the idea of unlimited hunting goes against principles of conservation and responsible wildlife management. It is essential to find a balanced approach that addresses the Elk population issue without compromising the integrity of hunting and conservation efforts.
Is killing animals the only way to control their over population? cannot we introduce predators in these areas and try to control the population through the food chain? I am against all sorts of killing permits.