Louisiana Gains Control Over Carbon Capture and Storage Permits


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Aug 26, 2023
Louisiana secures a pivotal role in permitting, compliance, and enforcement of Class VI wells for carbon sequestration under the Underground Injection Control Program. The EPA authorized Louisiana to catalyze carbon capture and storage (CCS) initiatives across the state.

The role, which was previously held by the EPA, will not go to Louisiana's Office of Conservation. It is expected that there will be a more efficient CCS project approval process. Louisiana's CCS regulations will outpace EPA mandates as there will be less bureaucratic hassles. They will now be
addressing injection depth without leniency, restricting CO2 storage in salt caverns, and mandating individual well scrutiny.

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Louisiana, United States
If it means more protection for the earth, than I'm all for it. I think states should have control of how to capture and safely collect CO2. I never knew they were actually storing carbon dioxide underground, but I suppose you learn something new every day!