What Permits are required when traveling to New Zealand?


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Oct 30, 2023
A few of my friends and I have had hopes of traveling to New Zealand one of these years, and it might finally happen in 2024 barring no problems of course. I am aware you need a drivers permit if you plan to drive in most countries. Not sure if I plan to or not, haven't decided. We might try to find guides in the area who can take us place to place if that's a thing.

Are there other permits I should be aware of when visiting somewhere like New Zealand? It's a place I've always wanted to travel too, it's such a beautiful country, with great people and culture.

Is there anything else I should know when traveling to New Zealand or any country for that matter?
New Zealand
I did some searches and found some answers I think. First and foremost, it looks like you are required to have an NZeTA (New Zealand electronic Travel Authority) or a visitor visa, unless you happen to be an Australian citizen. To get an NZeTA just head over to their site here and follow the steps outlined.

When arriving in New Zealand, you may have to fill out some forms, those being a paper arrival card or a digital traveller declaration. New Zealand customs & bio security will likely search you and check to make sure you meet their requirements for entering their country.

I found some info here as well - https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/visas/visa/visitor-visa
Thanks for researching this, @Jake. My only international travel has been to Canada and Mexico, which only require that you have a passport. I wonder if airlines provide information on these sorts of international travel requirements when you book flights to counties like New Zealand? I assume New Zealand customs would check that you obtained your NZeTA visitor visa, along with the other requirements you mentioned, before you exited the airport and entered the country?

I once missed a flight to Canada because I forgot my passport. It's not fun, especially since when you book economy you often can't reschedule the flight and just have to eat the cost. It's definitely critical to research travel requirements like these ahead of time.
New Zealand is indeed a stunning destination with a rich culture. When it comes to permits, besides a driver's permit, there are a few other things to keep in mind. If you plan on camping or hiking in national parks, you may need to obtain permits or passes for certain areas. Additionally, if you're interested in participating in adventure sports or activities, it's advisable to check if any specific permits or licenses are required for those. As for general travel tips, it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local customs, laws, and etiquette of the country you're visiting to ensure a smooth and respectful experience. Enjoy your trip to New Zealand and make lasting memories!