When are fire permits electrical?

Emily C

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Jan 17, 2024
I received a submittal for a "wireless fire alarm communicator"..and I'm not very privvy to a lot of the fire alarm/suppression types, but this feels electrical to me? How do you all know when it is? I'm only asking because our jurisdiction doesn't handle electrical permits, so I want to let the applicant know either way.
Curious what everyone thinks before I ask my building official. :)
Sequim, Washington State, United States
Would a low voltage electrical permit be needed, similar to what's required for a security system? Just my first thought - this definitely isn't my area of expertise.
An electrical permit would not be required if there is no new electrical proposed. My jurisdiction does not require an electrical for low voltage systems. The FD most likely will want to review anything associated with the fire alarm system.
in my jurisdiction a permit would not be required as this is low voltage. Fire just wants to make sure it operates as designed. the FD will be interested in a performance test and that the elements must satisfy the current code.
I ended up asking my building official because he's OOO till next week and I need to process the permit (or not). He said that electrical does the wiring only and everything else is thru us, basically.
He worded it more eloquently than that, but I understand it now.
A wireless fire alarm communicator is part of the fire alarm system, right? Even though it has electrical components, it is basically a fire protection system. Therefore, you need a fire protection permit rather than an electrical permit. This is what I believe but you still need to verify with your building official.
Thank you - that's basically what he said and clarified that LNI does the wiring component. So all is good!