Are permits usually required to install new bathroom fixtures? - In Michigan


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Oct 30, 2023
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I moved into an old house about 10 years ago and have been wanting to remodel the whole place ever since. One of the worst rooms in the house is our bathroom. It's seen better days, and is due for a heavy remodel. We originally got a new sink and toilet installed when we got the place, but never got a permit back in those days to do so. But I've been getting some pushback from my father lately letting me know I should look into getting a permit if I'm going to be replacing every fixture in the room. Which is what I want to do eventually, replace all of the fixtures as I'm tired of the look of it all.

The bathroom itself is fine otherwise, but our tub is cracking to the point we are very worried about mold buildup and the floor one day collapsing because of it. Probably will need a permit to fix the floor at some point, but we're hoping the damage isn't bad enough to where we can still install a new tub, sink, toilet etc. I also want to install a new vanity mirror, so I have extra storage.

Would replacing fixtures itself require you to get a permit? Or could you buy and install all of it without needing a permit? I realize if I do any construction it might require a permit, but I might wait on the construction side unless the damage is so bad. Any tips and suggestions?
Marquette, Michigan, United States
If you're intention is just to replace the sing, tub, and toilet with new ones, you should be fine to do that without a permit. But, when it comes to removing anything, replacing pipes, walls, etc, you will likely be required to get a permit for that. It's when you do any construction/remodeling that a permit is required. So ordinary repairs are fine, but when it comes to doing any work on the walls, cutting, removing, working on pipes, replacing pipes, etc require a permit. So installing that new vanity mirror, or a medicine cabinet, would probably require a permit too unless they are easy replacements.

This link should answer everything in regards to your location:

Good luck! :)
The situation that you have described about your bathroom is really sad. I had experienced the same situation a few years ago when me and my family moved to a rented house. It was so beautiful from the outside and had big rooms as well. Everything looked perfectly fine at that moment, but when we moved in, the bathrooms, what appeared good started showing us their reality😂

Kitchen and bathroom sinks were getting clogged every other day. Only we know how we spent our time there. So, I can understand your situation. It's so embarrassing, especially when you have some guests at your house.
Based on my perspective, minor changes like replacing a faucet or toilet might not require you to get a permit but if you are involved in a more significant renovation that is involving plumbing or any kind of structural alterations, you would need permit.

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