Vancouver Homebuilder Blasts City's Home Reno Permit Process


Aug 28, 2023
A homebuilder in Vancouver is upset with the time and costs it takes to get renovation permits in the city. Avi Barzelai posted a lengthy thread on Twitter outlining the process to get permits to do a simple bathroom renovation in the City of Vancouver. He outlined a total of nine pieces of correspondence needed, costing a total of $8,750 to get approval to build a powder room in a house. “I could deal with all the red tape if city staff processed applications in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, they don’t. You go back and forth with them for weeks on completely meaningless details,” he wrote in the conclusion of the thread. Here's hoping Vancouver will do better for future homebuilders and the permit process becomes much easier and more convenient. Feel free to read more about this story here:
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
These stories about how difficult it is to get different permits in most locations especially Vancouver, for example, reminds me on how my cousin had to leave the City in 2022 because of issues such as this. It is wrong to frustrate residents seeking permits to handle basic renovations in their home. I mean they can't even enjoy comfort again no matter how they tend to feel because these permits are being delayed. Glad someone finally called the Permit authorities in Vancouver out finally!
Sometimes I keep wondering who writes these process in the manner that they are because I don't and can't understand the reason it's that way. Everything about the whole process is just to frustrate the home builder and to what end? If they don't want people to renovate their houses in Vancouver, they should be open about it. All these processes should have been changed by now. What have the government been doing?
I cannot imagine making 9 correspondences and spending $8,750 to get a permit to build a room in my house. Looks like the residents in Vancouver have to think twice before they can make any renovations in their homes. Cannot they see the insanity of this kind of permitting rules?