Building Boom Blues: Delays Hit Sooke, Vancouver Island


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Aug 26, 2023
People in Sooke, a Vancouver Island in Canada are facing a bit of a challenge for their building projects. The officials are delaying inspections, which is causing delays in giving out certificates for people to move into their new homes. The primary reason for the delays in inspections is pointed toward the lack of enough people to go on house inspections. Normally, the district needs three inspectors to keep things running smoothly, but right now, they've only got one who's working part-time. That means things are piling up, and homeowners are getting stuck waiting for up to three months to finally settle into their brand-new homes. Builders are worried too because this delay might mess up their plans for future projects.

The officials in Sooke are thinking of hiring more people. Right now, there are about 345 inspections that need to be done, and the number of inspections they can do each day depends on how complicated they are and where they are. The district also wants to upgrade its systems so that the whole process becomes smoother and everyone can see what's happening. This will hopefully make things faster and more reliable.

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A good home inspection is something that you shouldn't skimp on. What a shame that there aren't enough inspectors to go around in Sooke. Hopefully they'll find some new hires soon.