Updates on Cannabis Store Permits in Redondo Beach


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Aug 26, 2023
If you're trying to get a permit for a cannabis store in Redondo Beach, there's a little break in the process. The city council is taking a step back to look more closely at how they're giving out permits, including how they're going to tax deliveries effectively. At first, they hired someone to make the process easier but that did not work and now, the city staff is doing all the work.

They're checking over the four steps to get a permit to make sure they're doing it right. They're talking about what things they need to say yes to for a permit, like maybe needing a place to rent in Redondo first. They're also thinking about changing their mind on letting stores be in some parts of the Artesia-Aviation boulevards area. As things change, it looks like the council really wants to make the permit process fit in better with the rules they already have. They might even think about changing some requirements they decided on last year.

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The rules and regulations with cannabis continually change. I'd be surprised even after these changes are made, they will continue to find more changes that need to be made. Make the permitting process easier, but stick with the current requirements.
The existing permit structure seems a little complicated, so maybe they're right in re-evaluating things to speed up the process?

I just hope they don't weaken the security measures portion of the permit. I would think that a dispensary could be an easy target for theft?