Posting anonymously on Permitting Talk


Staff member
Apr 16, 2023

I wanted to take a moment to make everyone aware of Permitting Talk's Anonymous Posting feature.

Through our day-to-day experiences in the permitting world, we inevitably gain various insights and opinions about the people and processes we encounter. We know that sharing such insights would be helpful to the permitting community but, when it comes to certain details, fear that sharing could involve some level of risk. We're naturally reticent to share information, no matter how useful to others, when doing so could have potential negative effects on our reputation. For example, you may have opinions about a particular agency, company, or government policy that you're interested in sharing but only if able to do so "off the record."

Such posts are welcomed and easily accommodated using Permitting Talk's Anonymous Posting feature.

When you post a new thread or reply, simply check the "Post anonymously" box, as shown below...


Your post will then appear under a generic "Anonymous" username to all members and visitors.


Permitting Talk means free speech. With the Anonymous Posting feature, you can be assured full control over your privacy and online identity while participating in forum discussions.
A lot of us are using screen name which is very different from our real name, so I guess we are already anonymous in some sense. But I do understand why some people do not even want to use an identifiable screen name while sharing online. It is a good feature, that's for sure.