Big permitting reform to happen in Pennsylvania


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Oct 30, 2023
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Changes need to be made in Pennsylvania's permitting process, as it's been an ongoing problem with inefficiency and delays for some time now. Some work has been done to make things better so far, but businesses continue to face problems with long wait times for permits that are affecting growth and international reputation. Thankfully there is some hope on the horizon, as Governor Shapiro and his administration are attempting to change or improve upon the permitting process, by hiring additional staff for the DEP (Department of Environment Protection) to help with their backlog of issues. Their backlog reduction plan is doing some good work so far, decreasing the permit backlog by 30% since December. They are still in the early stages and are still facing challenges severe understaffing and outdated IT systems.

As I'm sure you're now aware, the plan the DEP has in motion is an attempt to streamline and modernize the permitting process, in turn making it easier on everyone involved. Once they upgrade their IT system and get that additional staffing, things should start to improve. That's what they hope for at least. It will take time, but it's a good start.

To read more on this story, you can read about it here: Washington Examiner
Pennsylvania, United States
Good news. Reform like this should be happening all throughout the US, just so we can get ahead of these old permitting systems that are only holding everyone back. It still weird to me that we haven't seen a sweeping change with permitting systems all over the US by now. It's easier than ever to create systems that work, so I don't know why some states and other locations take so long to get with the times.
We've been dealing with similar problems in my city. The local government blames the backlog on a recent flu outbreak, but it's getting ridiculous at this point. I hope that they're able to create a better system in Pennsylvania that works for everyone. I can understand their frustration.

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