Pennsylvania Government's Swift Permit and Licensing Overhaul: Enhancing Efficiency and Competitiveness


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Aug 26, 2023
In a recent announcement, Governor Josh Shapiro revealed Pennsylvania's accelerated permits, licenses, and certificates, spanning various sectors such as education, healthcare, and business operations. The state has significantly reduced waiting times for essential documents, exemplified by the shortened processing period for teaching certificates from 12 weeks to less than three weeks and business licenses from eight weeks to just three days. The efforts have also streamlined the process for obtaining a dentist's license, reducing the wait time from 27 days to four.

The accelerated permits extend to healthcare as well. Backlogs for over 35,000 healthcare providers awaiting approval to treat Medicaid patients have been eliminated, which also include 6,000 pending requests related to birth certificates. Likewise, the time individuals spend on hold with the state unemployment office has been curtailed from over an hour to a mere 17 minutes.

The significance of these expedited processes has been underscored by the growing demand for professionals in various fields, particularly healthcare and education. Luke Bernstein, the President of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, lauded the efforts, emphasizing the crucial role of streamlined licensing procedures in enhancing the state's competitiveness.

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Pennsylvania, United States
This is a great acceleration and one that is definitely proving to be working for sure. There is nothing worse than long waiting times, especially for things such as healthcare waiting times.

It's great to see that these times are dropping and not just by a little but it seems by a considerable amount.
The state of Pennsylvania has won the hearts of the people by reducing the waiting time for essential documents. This initiative is definitely going to make Pennsylvania more competitive. Speeding up the process of obtaining permits, licenses, and certificates will attract more business opportunities.
The governor's initiative in expediting permits across sectors in Pennsylvania is commendable. Shortened waiting times benefit professionals and enhance the state's competitiveness, reflecting a proactive approach to administrative efficiency.

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