Permits now required for police to respond to triggered alarms in Catoosa, OK


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Oct 30, 2023
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This is an interesting article located from KRMG Tulsa (via MSN), as permits are now required for police to respond to triggered alarms in Catoosa, Oklahoma. This means that homeowners will first need a paid permit for police to answer triggered alarms. Officers claim that the majority of calls come back as false alarms, about 95 to 98% or so.

The good news is that if you call and report a break-in or a crime in progress, they will still come, it's just for triggered alarms. Supposedly it happens a lot to the same people in the area.

Permit info can be found below:

$35 for residential permits
$75 for commercial permits

Do you agree with this? I personally am okay with it, well aside from the fee, but I guess it isn't that bad.
Catoosa, Oklahoma, United States
I get it sounds kind of scary, but it sounds like this is an issue for those who have repeat problems with their alarms going off a lot. Most of which are probably false alarms.

The fee I understand, the police are probably tired of dealing with these calls, especially when they are wasting time and resources. It's good to know that they are still supporting calls in the area, if a crime is committed, they will still come if called.
It's a bit surprising to hear that permits are now needed for police to respond to triggered alarms in Catoosa, Oklahoma. I understand the frustration with false alarms being a common occurrence, as officers mention a high percentage of such instances. From a practical standpoint, it seems reasonable to address this issue and prioritize actual emergencies over false alarms.

While the idea of needing a permit might feel like an added layer of bureaucracy, it appears that it's aimed at managing resources more efficiently. The fees, though, might be a point of contention, especially for homeowners. It's positive that reporting a crime in progress still gets a prompt response.

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