L.A. Airbnb operators would need police permit under proposed law


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Oct 30, 2023
If you're running an Airbnb or short-term rental, take notice, as you're now required to obtain a police permit in order to rent out to people. This is being done to crack down on party houses and properties that draw illicit behavior, and also to stop people from illegally staying at the property.

This isn't anything new, as many businesses in L.A. are required to obtain a police permit in order to run their shops. This includes car valet operators, antique stores, bowling alleys and more that require said police permit. Several Airbnb hosts were not happy about this news, and aired their concerns that requiring this permit is a bit excessive and they don't like the idea of being fingerprinted for a background check. Some are hopeful that fingerprinting will be removed from the process.

The price for the permit is suggested to go for $260, but that price point has not been finalized yet. Some people are not for the fee, but that is subject to change yet. The good side of this new rule, is that it could help with those "illegal short-term rentals" or ones where people stick around longer than their stay was for, or they make it their new home and don't leave. Or it could be from people hosting house parties and other such things.

As well, the article this news comes from, discusses that hotel operators under this new ordinance would be required to fix up hotel rooms for the homeless. As it was part of the ordinance to help secure housing for the homeless, but any hotel rooms they stay in, will need to be fixed up first if needed.

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Los Angeles, California, United States
So essentially they are required to have a permit before they can even start an Airbnb? I guess that makes sense since you're probably going to end up with many visitors coming in and out of the place, and who knows what those people are going to do throughout the time they are staying there.

The price to me is a little high, but if they are running an Airbnb, I'm sure you could afford a one time fee of $260. As long as it's a one time fee for a while. Would hate to have to pay that yearly.
I don't understand why fingerprinting is a necessity? Doesn't the government already have information concerning the homeowners who are doing the rentals? Does anyone know if other areas also require fingerprinting? It seems so odd to be a requirement.