Permit needed for storm shelter installation in Hendersonville, TN?


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Oct 30, 2023
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I was surfing Reddit earlier and came across an interesting question and I figured it would be a great one to share with you all here. The post can be found via this link. In it, the user asks if a permit is required or not for installing an above-ground storm shelter in their garage in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The shelter is said to be 4'x6' in size, and the installation involves drilling 4 inches into the garage slab itself. The user checked over his/her building plans to go over any issues with plumbing and the electrical lines. They are seeking advice on whether or not a permit would be required in this specific project.

Would this person need to get a permit before taking this project on?
Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States
When it comes to installing an above-ground storm shelter, it's usually common-place that you are required to obtain a permit to get started. It's especially so if the installation involves any structural changes to the property, such as drilling into the garage slab. It of course can vary based on local regulation as storm shelters have specific requirements due to their safety implications.

As well, it's suggested you also register the shelter with your local fire department. This will ensure that emergency services (police/firefighters/etc), are aware of the existence and location of said storm shelter, and in case of emergencies, will be able to access the situation much easier and faster.

Now if you're into selling the property later, not having a permit now, might in turn affect whether you can sell the property later on. Having these permits in place asap or right away, is ideal in stopping any issues when you do plan to sell.

And as always, double check with your local building or planning office to confirm the requirements in your area.
Yes, you need to get a permit from your local building office if you are planning to install a storm shelter in Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States. It's always a great idea to contact your local permitting office and get the accurate information regarding your building or rebuilding requirements.

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