Evangelistic Center sues after being denied permit


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Aug 28, 2023
A church in St. Louis Missouri was denied a building permit to re-open what they call a church that offers a free pantry and supplies for the homeless. They state that it would only be open during daytime hours, but the city claims that it isn't going to be a church, but instead it's a homeless shelter.

This is where people don't understand how churches should be, helping out their neighbors, serving them through love, helping them when they can.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
That's quite sad that they won't give them a permit. If they can't, at least make it easy for them to get a permit to serve the homeless. Giving them the option would go a far way in fixing the tension that is probably there after this has happened.

You are right @Korner6, there are churches out there with the sole intent of helping people, and when cities take those freedoms away, it hurts the community. I hope they are able to come to a solution to this, that will make everyone happy.
Previously, it was a homeless shelter, so I could see why the city would be skeptical.

Still, if the people running said homeless shelter have cleaned up their act, they should be allowed to reopen. It’s wise to evaluate the present plans instead of just being a brick wall to positive effort on behalf of people in need.

Also, I think that suing may be an overreaction: just resubmit the permit as a homeless shelter. There’s no need for all of this drama and getting judges involved. I can understand why the man running NLEC is mad at the city, but taking his anger out on them really sends the wrong message.
Even if the church plans to operate a homeless shelter, what's wrong with that? The city is not only for rich people, even the poor and homeless people have the right to live, this is a universal basic human right. The city cannot deny a church a permit for something like this. I hope the court takes an appropriate decision on this matter.
I know a lot of churches out there that support the local area by providing a shelter for those in need, whether they are homeless, trying to get away from a bad situation, or just don't know where else to go.

I hope they are able to land their permits for this. I understand there may be some rules that come into play for running a shelter, but I think churches should be allowed to support people when in need.