New Street Food Vendor Rules in Los Angeles


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Aug 26, 2023
In Los Angeles County, new rules for street food vendors are on the horizon. Before the vendors can sell their tasty treats, they will need health permits, which come with initial fees ranging from $508 to $1,186 depending on the risk level of their operation. These permits aim to make sure the food sold on sidewalks is safe for everyone to eat. Fees are high, right? But don't worry they are also planning to subsidize the permit fees for small vendors which could be up to 75% of the health permit costs. Apart from health permits, they are also making it mandatory for vendors to register with the county and pay a $604 fee. The renewal cost would be reduced to $100
You can read about these new rules here
Los Angeles County, California, United States
More people these days are adopting to the street vendor life. I have a feeling it's going to continue to increase in popularity, so much so that these fees to get started are going to go up eventually. I believe they charge so much because you're using the public streets and sidewalks for these vendors.

I wish the fees weren't so much, but I get why they charge so much. Plus it's LA, everything in California is expensive.
I like the idea of street food vendors as it is nice for citizens to go out and enjoy the tasty treats on their walk.
The only downfall I see with these vendors is the large fees. It costs so much money to get a permit to be able to run these street food vendors and this will probably increase over time as there will eventually be more people starting these street food vendors on the sidewalks.
Yikes those are some high fees, but I get it. We're talking about food here and we want to make sure everyone is well regulated and are safe to provide said food and cook/prepare it in the area. This is also LA we're talking about and they are notorious for being expensive in just about every avenue.