New Ordinance Passed Permitting Sidewalk Vending


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Oct 30, 2023
In recent news, if you're looking to set up a vendor station on or near a sidewalk in Los Angeles, California, you will soon be required to apply for a sidewalk vendor permit. The City Council recently approved the new ordinance in a way to regulate sidewalk vending as more people are starting their own vendor shops.

Their goal is to streamline the whole permitting process, and make it easier. Though you will also need to get a County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Permit and a valid California Department of Tax and Fee Administration permit before you can do anything.

As well, if you violate the ordinance, you risk being fined, but it's being said that the Code Enforcement team will educate vendors first before going through said process.

What do you think about this news? Could this bring a lot of work and business to Culver City and Los Angeles? You can read more about this news here.
Culver City, California, United States
The recent approval of a sidewalk vendor permit requirement by the Los Angeles City Council reflects a growing need to regulate the increasing number of vendor setups on or near sidewalks. The goal of simplifying the process aligns with the aim of supporting entrepreneurial ventures. However, the need for multiple permits might introduce some complexity, and create hurdles for new vendors. It's essential for the authorities to ensure that the application and acquisition of these permits are straightforward and well-communicated to prevent any unintended barriers for the businesses.
Vendors are going to pick up in scale too. With these new rules, you're going to see more vendors pop up, as it's now easier to get permits.

I wonder if this will result in other states and cities following the same method.