Nanaimo, B.C. partners with Clariti to modernize permitting process.


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Aug 25, 2023
In a bid to keep up with the growing population and great developments, the City of Nanaimo, BC, has concluded plans with Clariti' Development Software to replace it's current system. Trusted Clariti partner Avocetre Technologies is leading the implementation of the new system.

Nanaimo is home to over 100, 000 people and growing, and documentation on its building permits surpassed $410 million in 2022. The City has been using a 20-year-old land management system and that is what Clariti is coming to replace. You can read more about it here and tell me what you think about Clariti taking charge.
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
$410 million in building permits for a population of 100,000 definitely sounds like a lot per capita. I compared that with another city that's also been breaking permitting records in recent years - Nashville - which we recently discussed in this thread. Development and building permitting in Nashville has been red hot with $5.5 billion dollars collected for a population of about 700,000. So between the two, that's about $4K and $8K per capita, respectively (the gap's even wider considering the Nanaimo total is in Canadian dollars). By this measure, the growth Nanaimo is seeing is respectable but not quite comparable to some parts of the U.S., particularly some areas in the south like Nashville.

Still, I think upgrading to the new permitting system only bodes well for Nanaimo. By making a concerted effort to overhaul and streamline their process with online tools, they're not only helping manage their own workload but are also demonstrating to out-of-town developers how serious they are about shepherding projects through the permit process.
Well, I can tell you that a 20-year-old land management system have aged long enough to be upgraded. Changes in live and environment doesn't take too long and using a land management system Nanaimo have been using for the past 20 years till now sure feels like using a square peg in a round hole. It's about time they revamp everything on that system with what's more feasible to work with the people of Nanaimo.

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