Cambridge Partners with OpenGov


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Jul 9, 2023
In a bid to enhance efficiency in work orders, permitting and code enforcement, The City of Cambridge has partnered with OpenGov which is a government software company. The aim is to address resource limitations in the code of enforcement division and to also improve the existing systems from this agreement.

Various city operations which include asset management, resource management, work management, permitting, public portal access, infrastructure planning, rental and building permit inspections, field code enforcement and online payments are to be streamlined using OpenGov's software.

Costing around $121,025.97 in the first year, the three-year subscriptions are to be funded by the American Rescue Plan Act. The agreement was unanimously approved by the City Council and also recognizes the importance of efficiency and transparency when it comes to managing related tasks and code enforcement.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
This partnership between The City of Cambridge and OpenGov shows a proactive approach in improving government systems. Investing in software to streamline operations and address resource limitations is a smart move. Transparency and efficiency are crucial in managing tasks and code enforcement. Funding through the American Rescue Plan Act demonstrates a commitment to progress.

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