Missouri Silica Sand Mine Permit Appeal Denied


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Jul 9, 2023
For those of you who are seeking permits for mining or similar projects, a ruling made in Missouri recently offers a crucial lesson. A plan to build a silica mine in Ste Genevieve County, Missouri made by Nex Gen Silica has faced a significant setback due to an appeals court upholding the decision to deny their permit.

The application made specifically failed to identify all parties with an interest in the land as well as not obtaining written consent from all parties before approval.

This case is a perfect example and highlights the importance of compliance and thoroughness with all regulatory requirements in permit applications. The ruling also underscores the power of community groups such as Operation Sand, in influencing permit decisions, especially when health concerns are at stake.

For those who are in similar situations, this definitely serves as a reminder to ensure all aspects of a permit application are complete and to anticipate any potental community responses.

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Missouri, United States
When it comes to anything environmental, I imagine it's extremely tough to get a permit cleared by your local government or the US government as a whole. It's especially hard when there is said to be an impact on the environment when it comes to this type of mining. I'm hearing this sort of mining is dangerous to the water systems and are said to send toxic dust into the air on top of damaging the landscape.
I think the residents are absolutely right to raise their voices to stop the project of 'silica sand mining' because it can drain water from their wells as well as cause blasting and noise when it's in the air.

The residents believe that their lives and futures are important than the company's selfish plan to make money through the project.

And I appreciate the fact that the power of the community can suspend a permit, which can be harmful for the environment and their lives.
The upheld denial of Nex Gen Silica's mine permit in Missouri emphasizes the vital need for meticulous compliance in permit applications. This ruling showcases community influence and highlights the importance of meeting regulatory requirements thoroughly.
This case in Missouri concerning the silica mine project is a reminder of the importance of compliance of permit applications for mining related ventures. The necessity of identifying all parties and obtaining written consent from these parties, underscores the legal intricacies that companies must navigate in their pursuit of regulatory approval. This legal development also sheds light on the substantial influence wielded by community groups in shaping the outcome of permit decisions, particularly when public health is at stake.