Environmental Concerns Arise in Fairview, Missouri, Over Waste Sludge Application


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Aug 26, 2023
Denali Water Solutions, an Arkansas-based company, is currently applying waste sludge on local land under the guise of fertilizer in Fairview, Missouri. This practice has led to adverse consequences, such as affecting the local environment with unpleasant odors that might potentially affect property values in the area.

A concerned group of residents, operating under the name SLUDGE (Stop Land Use Damaging our Ground and Environment) has filed a lawsuit against Denali Water Solutions. However, Denali Water Solutions asserts its commitment to environmental responsibility, maintaining that the waste sludge serves as a beneficial, cost-free fertilizer for farmers. However, the residents of Fairview express apprehension regarding potential environmental consequences and seek greater transparency regarding the composition of the sludge.

As community leaders grapple with finding a resolution, lawmakers are actively working to establish new regulations and laws to address and rectify the situation, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

For those interested in comprehensive details, the complete article is available on the Joplin Globe website.
Missouri, United States
Yikes, that sounds horrible. I hope they succeed in stopping the use of this sludge, especially if there is intent to use this to grow crops, no thanks!

I think they should be forced to reveal what exactly is in the sludge, the amount of it, and how severe it could be in terms of pollution or affects on people and animals.