Supreme Court Enters Showdown Over Pebble Mine Project in Alaska


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Aug 26, 2023
The argument about the Pebble Mine project in Alaska's Bristol Bay area has now reached the highest court. This case will surely affect people who want permission to do large-scale mining. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did not give permits to Pebble Mine because the Agency thinks it could harm the Bristol Bay watershed. This decision is based on the Clean Water Act which stops projects like this from getting wetlands permits.

The Pebble Limited Partnership, supported by Alaska's Governor Mike Dunleavy, argues that the mine will bring economic benefits. However, the locals and environmental groups are standing with the EPA, saying it's important to safeguard the area's nature and the traditional way of life.

This legal fight is a big change from how permits are usually given out. The Supreme Court is stepping in, making a rule for how we balance the environment and money in future big projects. For people in mining and the environment, this case might change how they get the permits they need. You can read all the details about this crucial case in the full article here
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I can't stand when these companies and politicians want to potentially ruin the earth for their financial gain. I get that it may provide possible jobs and benefits to the area, but if it has an environmental impact that could cause damage to the environment, then I'm for this fight to stop them from doing it.

We don't want to see the watershed hurt because of it either.