Montana Supreme Court Upholds Climate Ruling Against Governor's Challenge


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Aug 26, 2023
The Montana Supreme Court has rejected Governor Greg Gianforte's attempt to block a crucial climate ruling. The ruling requires regulators to consider greenhouse gas emissions when approving permits for fossil fuel development. Judge Kathy Seeley found that a state law opposing emission consideration goes against the constitution's demand for a clean environment. Montana officials must now follow this ruling, thus, impacting on how they evaluate permits. This ruling will set a precedent for legal battles and could influence future decisions, especially in fossil fuel and mining projects.
You can read more on this case here
Montana, United States
So their Governor tried to stop these new climate change rules? Figures they would try to find a way to stop progress. But it's good he was denied on this. Why do people have to try to hold progress down? Especially when it's to protect our planet?
Thanks for sharing, @Nomad. The court battle popped up on my local news a while ago, but they never followed up with the outcome of the case. This ruling is a great result. It doesn't mean that permits won't be issued, but that the regulators must consider greenhouse gas emissions during fossil fuel development. It's simply another factor to weigh when making their decision. The governor made a huge fuss over something that should've always been considered.