Manure Runoff Rule in Michigan Creates Test of State Permitting


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Oct 30, 2023
Hundreds of farming companies in Michigan have decided to fila a lawsuit against the State for the new permit requirements they have to follow, stating that the new requirements violate the state Administrative Procedure Act. They also stat that the Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy both overstepped their authority by imposing such changes without first getting legislative approval or public intervention.

Lets go back a bit, back in 2020, permits for large animal farming operations were expanded as a way to address the issue with waste runoff from farm animals. The new restrictions required that they survey the manure for any pollutants, and create buffer zones around the fields as a way to limit pollution runoff.

Farming companies are expecting these changes to require more input from the community before being made. The state does do administrative hearings for the permit changes, and seem to take it very seriously.

What do you think of this news? Should the state back up a bit, or should these farming companies start to follow the rules outlined to them? As long as they make sure the animal waste is better taken care of, it shouldn't be a problem right?

Bloomberg Law has more on this news here.
Michigan, United States
I think as long as they protect their crops, and don't pollute the area with waste it should be fine. I think the rules farming companies have to follow are fine, and seem fair to me. Waste runoff is also a problem, how would they address it otherwise if they allowed farms to do whatever they wanted with the waste? It's good they have to follow these rules.

And wasn't there a story similar to this where a farmer had to deal with animal waste after letting it go after his father passed. He became the new owner of the farm and took over, but neglected to get licenses or permitted I believe and he let waste pile up I think.

So yeah, it's good to make these big farming companies follow some rules.
The dispute between Michigan farming companies and the State regarding new permit requirements raises complex issues. While community input is crucial in such matters, the focus should be on finding a balance between environmental protection and supporting the farming industry. If the state can ensure that the permit changes are reasonable, it could lead to a more sustainable solution. Striking a balance between regulatory measures and the needs of the farming community is essential.