Kern County looking to lure investment by speeding up construction permits.


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Jul 9, 2023
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Kern County is currently pushing to become the most attractive place for investment in California and they are hoping to do this by speeding up its construction permitting process.

A new initiative is set to survey those who have applied for construction permits in the past two years, this will aim to use their feedback to benchmark and improve the speed approval process including the customer service of the permitting process. Tracking applications more efficiently and adding transparency to the approval process will all be included.

This initiative is led by a new hire who has a background in process improvement and is part of the county's broader adoption of Lean and Six Sigma strategies to help eliminate waste systematically.

These changes are not due to any complaints but instead are being made as a proactive step to help enhance the economic competitiveness of the county which will be done by providing investors with standards and certainty which include accountability and transparency.

Emphasized by the county's chief administrative officer, the hope is that satisfying local developers will lead to more investment as positive experiences are shared within the business community.

For more details on this and how it may affect your permitting process, you can read the whole article here
Kern County, California, United States
Kern County is working hard to become a top spot for investments in California is a commendable step for the county. It is really good to hear that they are taking people's opinions and using feedback to make the approval process quicker and improve how they serve people during the permitting process. Positive experiences shared by the business community can lead to more growth and success for Kern County.

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