Florida water tank compliance?


Feb 20, 2024
I know that water tanks have to be maintained and inspected to remain in compliance with the environmental permit. What I need to know is how often those things should be done. Any idea? If not, can you tell me where I might find the information? I made some phone calls today, but no one was able to help.
Florida, United States
You're right about one thing, Overtime, the information is hard to find. The best that I could come up with is that some tanks must undergo an inspection by a licensed engineer every 5 years. I believe that's only for potable water, though. This is the only source that I could find.
I did a little digging on this, and it seems they don't inform people on when these inspections usually happen, but it sounds like they do scheduled checkups. You will probably have better luck reaching out to the Florida DEP directly and ask them about the process. This link should bring you to someone you can reach out to - Storage Tank District and County Contact List

These links might be of help to you:
Storage Tank Compliance
Storage Tank Systems Guidance and Information (Provides free Testing and Inspection Checklists)
Woah, you guys did much better at finding the information than I did. Thanks for taking the time to research my issue. You've both provided me with a great starting point.