Douglas County Health Department starts closing businesses for overdue food permits


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Oct 30, 2023
Douglas County is taking things seriously lately, as they are starting to close businesses who have failed to renew their business food permits for the year of 2024. Any businesses that have failed to renew their food and drink permits for the 2024 season, will risk their doors being closed until they are within legal standing. They want to spread the importance of compliance with local health and safety regulations.

If a business is operating without a valid 2024 food and drink permit, they are doing so illegally and could in turn result in penalties like fines and possible jail time. Each day you operate a business without said permits, it is said to be a separate offense. Which is why it's imperative that you apply for the new permits ASAP.

The plus side to all of this, is that the money earned from these permits, will be put back into public health and safety needs. It will help ensure food safety to the public. The DCHD's attempt is to protect public health by making sure all food establishments meet the safety standards we all hope to achieve.

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Douglas County, Nebraska, United States
These businesses better take notice. Especially if they intend to go without a permit. I'd hate to be closed down for any period of time. I think any business caught in this, they will make it right as soon as they can, because no business wants to be closed down longer than a day or more.

I do like the rule that they could be penalized each day they are unpermitted. These rules should push local businesses to quickly make it right, otherwise they could face worse problems than just their business closing temporarily.
Can you imagine the lawsuits that the county might face if a customer got sick after eating at one of those establishments? I'm shocked that the county waited so long to enforce their own regulations. We're several months into 2024, after all.