Office Review Dallas Development Services Department

The Dallas Building Department has mixed reviews on Google Lots of people are upset with the department, saying the customer service isn't great, and it takes a long time to get permits. They're not happy about phone calls not getting answered, and some folks had to wait a really long time for a response. The online system for permits also got criticized for being slow and not as good as going in person. Nonetheless, on the positive side, a few people also had good experiences. They said the staff was friendly, and it was easy to get permits when they went in person.

Still, most of the reviews lean toward the negative. People are mainly unhappy about the system not working well and some staff members not being helpful. They're also worried about the fees being too high and the process of getting permits being a hassle, especially for homeowners and contractors. Overall, even though some people had average experiences, most people are pretty unhappy with how the department is doing things.

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