Building without permits, does 811 care? - Reddit Question


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Oct 30, 2023
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On my recent trek through Reddit, I came across an interesting question I think you guys could answer. A redditor is doing work on a landing off a deck for a client and they do not plan to obtain a permit for the work. They need to dig 6 footers for the landing, and they want to call 811 to see if they can come out and check if the spots are clear.

Does anyone from 811 ask for any permits or licenses for the work? Is it safe to go unpermitted in this case?

Check the post here: r/Carpentry
United States
I believe 811 is more focused on preventing damage to underground utilities, and to ensure safety overall. I don't think they enforce building permits, so there shouldn't be any worry there. Calling 811, will result in them marking any locations that have underground utilities, as a way to prevent accidental damage if any digging is done. They do this no matter what, even if you're unpermitted.

And the good news, is that 811 likely won't report you for not having any permits. But I'd still make sure to get permitted if needed, just to be on the safe side and to comply with any local regulations and avoid possible fines.

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