Permit required for treehouse build in Bend? - Reddit Question


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Oct 30, 2023
I got another reddit question I wanted to share with you all. This time it's about a homeowner who is interested in building a treehouse for their kids. The homeowner is attempting to find any building codes or permits that are needed to build a treehouse in Bend Oregon. The reason they posted to reddit, is because they were unable to find any info on the city code in regards to building a treehouse.

Has anyone here gone through a similar situation? Maybe you know the regulations and could give info on how the permitting process goes here? If you'd like to check out the post on reddit, you can find it here - r/Bend
Bend, Oregon, United States
I did a quick search around and I found some info. It sounds like the redditor won't need to file a structural permit since it'd be a detached accessory building, as long as it's under 200 square feet and doesn't exceed a certain height. Also, it's not used for sleeping in, or has any kitchen appliances. You are unable to have such things in a treehouse due to the 2021 Oregon Residential Specialty Code.

You will also need to make sure all treehouse designs comply with your local zoning laws and building codes. Taking height and distance from the property line into account. They also suggest reaching out to an arborist to ensure that the tree is in healthy condition to be built upon. The tree must be structurally sound and healthy, otherwise a build likely can't happen.

I'd also check with neighbors to see if they are okay with a treehouse build. Some neighbors might not want a treehouse near their property. So discuss plans with any neighbors to avoid any disputes or complaints later on. Especially talk to neighbors if you're part of a HOA, because doing any work could be in violation with your HOA rules.
Building codes and permit requirements for a treehouse falls under the jurisdiction of the city or county's building department. In Oregon, including Bend, you need a permit to build a treehouse. However, permit requirements can differ from place to place.