Arizona push to legalize home-cooked tamale sales is back after veto


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Oct 30, 2023
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A bill was recently introduced in Arizona by Rep. Travis Grantham, that would allow the sale of home-cooked tamales and other foods that require temperature control. Mr. Grantham believes this could help people earn extra income as well as provide more food options for customers.

But even though the bill did pass the state House and Senate with glowing results, it was unfortunately vetoed by Dem. Gov. Katie Hobbs, who believed was a lot of safety concerns with the new bill, especially around the standards for inspection and the certification of home-based food businesses.

Supporter's of the bill have argued that there is no evidence there is a problem in other states that have allowed home-cooked tamales and other such food. They claim that the bill did have safeguards in place that would help with food handler training and labeling requirements. So it sounds like the bill was made to make the process as streamlined and as safe as possible. That's how I see it anyway.

Though, it's not all support, as there are opponents trying to fight the bill alongside the governor. One being the Arizona Restaurant Association. They are afraid of unfair competition in. But, the Department of Health Services is more concerned about the risk of disease outbreaks.

Mr. Grantham intends to address some of the governor's issues in a new version of the bill, and hopes they can come to a sort of compromise. I sure hope they can work this out and find a solution that works for all.

If you want to read the full story, you can find the news here: Tucson
Arizona, United States
I never would have expected the sale of tamales having all of these rules. But I think it comes down to any food you cook and prepare from your own home. I think the bill does a good job addressing things, but maybe the new bill will address the governors concerns better.
I can see advantages and disadvantages when it comes to allowing sale of home cooked meals, especially something that needs temperature control. While allowing resident to sell home cooked meals will help them earn extra income. This will also create issues with hygiene and quality of the food being sold.
I'm honestly surprised that such a bill made it through the Arizona house and senate. While it's great that these folks will undertake food handler classes, it also seems too minimal. Without inspections, I don't see how the public will be protected. Food contamination can be deadly.
Although I can see your viewpoint, @Fenix, to me the situation doesn't seem that different from selling baked goods for school fundraisers. We don't highly regulate those sales, so I think allowing home cooks to sell their food is okay as well. It's all about the intended volume and target demographic that sets it apart from a restaurant or fast food place.
Well, it looks like both chambers passed the bill again; now we'll see what the governor does with it this time around. So far, it's predicted that Governor Hobbs will sign it.

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