Controversial Florida Bill Sparks Debate Over Gambling Permit Relocation


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Aug 26, 2023
State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia's Senate Bill 1054 in Florida proposes significant changes in Gambling permits. The bill proposes that gaming permit holders can relocate within a 30-mile radius. This relocation permit is available for greyhound dog racing and casino operations. This new bill bypasses local regulations. The bill has stirred concerns in Miami-Dade County. One of the major opponents is former Mayor Dan Gelber. He says this change in the bill will introduce gambling in new locations, thus, posing a to the community.

The controversy deepens as the bill's draws similarities with an agreement between Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Seminole Tribe in 2021 that led to favoritism towards specific interests. For instance, former President Donald Trump's Doral golf resort and the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach received such favoritism.

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So what I am getting from this, is that Casino owners want to be able to move their permits to different Casino locations? Is the intent to not have to file another permit for a new casino? I'm just a bit confused. To me, it sounds like these casino owners want to move permits to new locations, but it doesn't sound like the intent is to move but to add another casino. I see they mentioned greyhound dog racing too, but I don't get why that would need a 30mile radius.
Sounds like a Casino owner wants to turn one of his hotels into a Casino, and by having this rule in place, he could simply move this hotel/casino into his current permit right? That's what it sounds like to me. Anyway, it's good that there's some opposition to this. I read through a bit more, and it says that when there's any discussion about expansion of gaming, it should first be approved by voters via a ballot. Let the people air their concerns.