YC alum just raised $31M to build PermitFlow ‘TurboTax for construction permitting’


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Oct 30, 2023
This is really cool. Contractors have a new permitting process they can utilize going forward. PermitFlow is a Y Combinator alum, which has raised a decent $31 million in Series A funding, is a new system made with the sole purpose of making the construction and permitting process easier, but also more efficient. They liken it to a "TurboTax for construction permitting." Kleiner Perkins was the person who helped lead the charge into this new program, being a big reason this software was made.

PermitFlow works like this, it would offer users end-to-end workflow and automation software to make the process that much easier. The system will cover all of the aspects that have to do with the permitting process. Like the initial research and of course application to permit preparation, submission, and issuance. This should help speed the process up for everyone.

Part of the mission is to help make housing more affordable, and with PermitFlow working with general contractors, the system has already seen over 5,000 houses permitted. And that's not all, as the company intends to expand further by bringing more services nationally.

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Good, there should be a system that makes the permitting easy. Make it to where you can go on, and they guide you through the process. That's what I would expect if they're trying to make it like "TurboTax" for permitting needs. Every location should have a system like this in place, because to be fair, permitting is not always as an easy thing to do, especially for those who've never filed a permit in their lifetime.
I am not in a construction business, however, I'm thrilled to learn about PermitFlow because I know a few contractors and this will be a game-changer for them. With the streamlined and efficient permitting process, it will create a positive environment for the construction industry. This kind of technological advancement in the construction industry will no doubt foster positivity among the beneficiaries.