Surge in Multi-Family Housing Construction in the NY Metro Area


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Aug 26, 2023
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For developers and organizations looking to get permits for apartment buildings in the New York metro area, there's an important development to take note of. A recent study revealed that in 2022, 41.4% of the new homes allowed to be built in the United States were apartments or multi-family housing. This percentage is the highest since 1985. It is noteworthy that the NY metro area is leading the country with a whopping 79.3% of its new homes falling under the multi-family category. This is a big change compared to the average nationwide.

The report, conducted by Construction Coverage, highlights that the NY metro area is building the most multi-family homes when compared to all the other major cities in the United States. This data shows how the region is responding to the increasing demand for housing and the growing trend of urban living.

If you want to learn more check this out.
New York, New York, United States
The surge in apartment and multi-family housing permits in the NY metro area is a promising sign of adaptation to urban living demands. An impressive 79.3% local share speaks volumes!

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