Rules for Owning Gila Monsters in Arizona


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Aug 26, 2023
In Arizona, you cannot have a Gila monster as a pet without a special permit from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. In some states it is okay to own these reptiles and you can even see them to the reptile shows. If you are in Arizona and want to get get a permit, you usually need a good reason, something like for study purpose or education purpose.

There was this sad story in the news about a man from Colorado who died after a Gila monster bit him. It is reported that he bought at least one of the lizards from a breeder in Arizona, which is against the law there. This incident shows why it is dangerous to trade wildlife illegally and why it's important to follow the rules to keep special animals safe.

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Arizona, United States
Here in Wisconsin you are not required to obtain a permit and are legally allowed to own a pet gila monster. Though there may be some rules and regulations owners need to follow.

As for the story about the person dying from a Gila monster bite. I think most wild animals turned pets are a risk in that way. If you get bit by a dog, cat, or most other animals, there is a risk of infections and other diseases. It's just a matter of taking proper care of these animals and following the rules set in your area. Most pets can be dangerous if not properly cared for.