Rise Gold pushes to mine without permit.


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Aug 25, 2023
In a move that will sidestep the normal use permit needed of Nevada County, Rise Gold has met with the County representatives and said they have plans to petition for "Vested Interest" to mine the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

It was stated on this Link that if the County determines that Rise Gold meets the conditions for "Vested Rights", the Use Permit that is being discussed at the Board of Supervisors for a final vote would not be required. What do you think about Rise Gold trying to get a a waiver for mining permits in Idaho?
Nevada County, California, United States
I think there should be strict laws regarding mining. Excess mining has immediate as well as long-term consequences. Why should some companies exploit natural resources at the expense of normal people living around those mining areas? These mining companies are very powerful as they have lobbyists in the government, so I can guess Rise Gold might easily bypass the mining permit.
Nevertheless, mining without a permit is generally against the law and can result in detrimental environmental and legal outcomes. It is crucial to adhere to the regulations and guidelines established by local authorities to safeguard the environment and the welfare of the community. Rise Gold may need to secure the appropriate permits and authorizations prior to engaging in any mining operations.
I do not understand how certain companies/institutions can act without the appropriate permit that allows them to carry out a specific activity, mining is very harmful to the environment and there must be strict regulation that supervises it, but it seems that some companies have some extra rights for some reason that I don't know, probably some pact with the government.
I'm thinking of how Rise Gold would be able to get the right to mine gold from the Idaho-Maryland Mine without permit. Generally speaking, without a permit to do anything like building and construction in Idaho, it's going to be stopped until you get the appropriate permits for the job. So, there's no way I believe Rise Gold would successfully mine the Idaho-Maryland Mine without permits approval.
Rise Gold's attempt to bypass the normal use permit process in Nevada County raises concerns about transparency and environmental oversight. While it's important to encourage responsible mining practices, any waiver of mining permits should be based on rigorous evaluation of the project's impact on the community and environment. Rushing such decisions without proper scrutiny could have long-term consequences. It's essential that the County carefully assess whether Rise Gold meets the conditions for "Vested Rights" to ensure the best interests of the community and environment are protected.