Pittsfield Introduces PermitEyes 20/20, a Streamlined Permitting System


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Aug 26, 2023
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The City of Pittsfield has created a cloud-based permitting system called PermitEyes 20/20 which intends to simplify and enhance the permit application process. The system will go live on September 11, 2023 and the Health Department will be the first one to adopt the system. It is expected that other city departments will join the Health Department to start using the system. PermitEyes 20/20 will be accepting online applications, online payments, inspection tracking, and permit issuance, among others. The users will be able to easily monitor their applications' progress on the PermitEyes.

You can read more here.
Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States
Citizens of City of Pittsfield in Massachusetts can't wait for September 11, 2023 to come because it's just 3 days away for them to get what they have been clamoring for years with the cloud-based permitting system PermitEyes 20/20. No one likes being dragged around when they trying to get one permit or another. For the Health Department in Pittsfield being the first to adopt this PermitEyes 20/20 shows how important it's going to be for the people of Massachusetts.
A cloud-based permitting system offers several advantages including accessibility from anywhere, scalability to meet demand, enhanced collaboration, robust data security, and reduced IT overhead. It also improves customer service, provides analytics tools, ensures disaster recovery, and has a lower environmental impact. Overall, it is an efficient and modern solution for permitting processes and The City of Pittsfield has made a great decision by taking it under consideration. PermitEyes 20/20 will definitely be known as one of the historical changes brought by the governing bodies of the city.

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